Real Estate Market Of The Decade

Dubai has remained at the forefront of the global Real Estate market for two consecutive decades. Known for innovation and speed, Dubai shows no sign of a slowdown.

Out top reasons for choosing Dubai as our top pick:

  • Geographical location
    Strategically located, connecting west to the east
  • Growing economy
  • Expo 2020
    The world’s biggest expo happening in Dubai in 2021
  • Booming tourism sector
  • Safety and absence of petty crime
  • Tax-free haven
    No property or income tax
  • Lowest VAT in the world
  • Freehold ownership
    Full ownership of properties for all nationalities
  • Investor visas
    Up to 10 years residency visas
  • High capital appreciation
  • Stable currency pegged to the US Dollar
  • High-Quality lifestyle
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Dynamic Real Estate Market
  • Flexible payment plans
    You can start small with up to 10 years payment plans
  • High rental yields
  • Access to loans and mortgages
  • Government-backed investment protection and transparency agencies
    (RERA and Escrow)